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Census Jobs and Community Support

Find out how you can get involved or support others to get involved

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The Minnesota State Demographic Center is collaborating with public libraries around the state to establish a network of Questionnaire Assistance Centers to help ensure a complete 2020 Census count in Minnesota. At these centers,  an individual can fill out their 2020 Census online and receive assistance from staff who have been trained to answer questions about the form.

The 2020 Census is hiring! Click to find out more about how you can work for the census.

Click on the PDF to open the 2020 Census Recruitment Toolkit. The Toolkit contains information about the census and social media guidelines, tips, sample posts, and sample e-mail messages that will help you reach out to the people in your community and increase their awareness of the 2020 Census.

This toolkit also provides information about 2020 Census jobs and will assist you with responding to questions and concerns or directing people to the appropriate location for more infor-mation.

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